RADIO RAM – English zone (Strefa Angielskiego) Christmas edition – part 3

Terry Clark-Ward | Utworzono: 23.12.2014, 15:56

Nick:  So far in previous episodes, we’ve spoken about food and how people spend time over Christmas, what else is left?

Terry: Presents?

Nick: Perhaps, but I was thinking about something deeper.

Terry:  The meaning of life?

Nick: No, the meaning of Christmas.

Terry: Oh, that is deep and possibly dangerous to discuss on the radio.

Nick: So, let’s do it without mentioning religion, politics or mothers-in-law.

Terry: OK, should be safe this way.

Nick: Christmas is a time of ‘goodwill’ to all mankind.

Terry: I agree. It is a time when we should forget our differences, help other people and enjoy spending time with friends and family without worrying about our own personal problems.

Nick: So in what ways does this happen?

Terry: Well, in both Poland and England people sing Christmas carols and Christmas pop songs. Singing brings people together, as does eating and present giving.

Nick: In Poland, I heard that one additional chair is added to the table in case an unexpected guest arrives to share a Christmas meal.

Terry: And in England there are many charities collecting money for the starving people in parts of Africa.

Nick: So they will have something to eat for Christmas too.

Terry: Yes, I suppose so.

Nick: The common idea for Christmas is ‘Peace on earth’ which would be great, but is just difficult to achieve all the time.

Terry: True, but overall, Christmas is a positive experience because people are together and enjoying good food, presents and company. This is a very practical celebration too because Christmas is on one of the shortest days of the year, in terms of daylight hours and the lack of sun can make people feel depressed otherwise.

Nick: Yes, so Christmas lifts your spirits. But what about people who are on their own?

Terry:  In England, they often go to the pub for Christmas lunch where they meet other lonely people, so they are no longer alone.

Nick: And in Poland, I can only imagine that most lonely people have some family members to visit. Family is everything in Poland. And so is snow. Yes, one thing that never happens in England but can happen in Poland is a white Christmas.

Terry: I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… (sung)

Nick: Quite.

OK, Let’s sum up…
- without mentioning – without talking saying
- goodwill - życzliwość
-Christmas carols - kolędy
-Pop songs – ‘pop’ is short for popular, so pop music is popular music.
-Unexpected guest - niespodziewany gość
-Charities - organizacje charytatywne
-Peace on earth - pokój na ziemi
-daylight hours – hours of sunshine per day
-to lift ones spirits - podnieść kogoś na duchu
- white Christmas – it’s obvious - Boże Narodzenie ze śniegiem

Ram English Zone Christmas special with Terry Clark-Ward and Nick Thomas.


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