RADIO RAM – English zone (Strefa Angielskiego) Christmas edition – part 2

Terry Clark-Ward | Utworzono: 23.12.2014, 07:50

Terry:  Poland seems to have 2 of everything, you know. You get a birthday and a name day, at least 2 very long weekends a year and also Saint Nicholas day and a Christmas day. In England it is just one of everything.

Nick: That’s clearly one of the many attractions about living in Poland. Twice the fun! But on that last

note, English Christmas time is quite different to Polish Christmas time.
Terry: Please explain.

Nick: Well, there is a clear structure. In Poland, Christmas Eve is the most important day, or rather ‘afternoon’ – since some people work in the morning. The next two days are just called the first and second days of Christmas.

Terry: Oh, and, how do people spend their time over these days.

Nick: With their families, taking it easy, eating a lot of food and watching the film ‘Home alone’ – It’s a national tradition - But they simply call it ‘Kevin’.

Terry: ‘Kevin’. Weird!

Nick: Yeah, it is a bit weird, but film title translation is a bit weird sometimes: ‘Die Hard’ is Szklana Połapka – literally’ The glass trap’.

Terry: Interesting, but let’s return to today’s topic.

Nick : OK, so in England, the structure is different.

Terry: Go on.

Nick:  Christmas Eve (December 24th) is when the family sits together and sings Christmas songs. It is common to eat mince pies and drink a glass of sherry. Some families open a small present each too.  A new trend, popular amongst young people, is to go to the pub and get hammered.

Terry: Terrible. (with mock concern)

Nick: Christmas day (December 25th) is the big day. Children open their presents under the tree in the morning and play with them until Christmas dinner which is usually served in the early afternoon.

Terry: Right.

Nick: This is the time when those crackers we spoke about last week are pulled and the most delicious food is eaten.  And then we all watch ‘James Bond’.

Terry: No translation issues with James Bond.

Nick: That’s right. Bond is Bond in all languages I would imagine.

Terry: After that?

Nick: Some familes play board games, but there is also a lot of excessive eating and drinking.

Terry: Ok, and the next day?

Nick: December 26th is Boxing Day.

Terry: You mean fighting – with the family?

Nick: That’s not the tradition thankfully. Boxing Day refers to the day after Christmas day when, many years ago, employers gave their employees a Christmas box with gifts inside to thank them for the year’s good work.

Terry: OK.

Nick: There are many sporting events on this day, for example, football matches that people go to watch and this is also a day for visiting friends.

Terry: What about the sales?

Nick: I was just coming to that. Most recently, Boxing Day has become the first day of sales after Christmas. All the shops are open with low prices, bargains, clearances etc…

Terry: So, everyone is spending their Christmas money in the Boxing Day sales.

Nick: Glad that isn’t happening in Poland.

Terry: yet. No doubt it will soon.

OK, Let’s sum up…
- Saint Nicholas day – Dzień św. Mikołaja.
- Twice the fun – dwukrotniezabawy
- To take it easy – to relax
- To get hammered – to drink a lot of alcohol to a state where you cannot remember what happened the following day.
- To play boardgames – grać  w gry planszowe
- Sales – sprzedaży
- Bargains – okazji
-Clearances - wyprzedaże

Ram English Zone Christmas special with Terry Clark-Ward and Nick Thomas.


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